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dump truck business

Dump truck? Why not?

When thinking about the idea of owning and operating a dump truck there are many things to take into consideration.  Make sure that you understand what the job requires.

coal-preparation plant. Big mining truck at work site coal transportationA dump truck driver’s job requires the driver to transport loose materials, such as coal, dirt, sand, gravel, or other materials to and from building and landfill sites.  Operating a large vehicle of this size requires good driving skills and quick thinking.  Drivers often drive though dangerous conditions and the load needs to be safely delivered along with the driver.  Safety is the number one rule of all workers.  Not only are you required to make sure you are safe and abiding by the laws but it also ensures the others around you and driving along with you on the roads are safe.   Drivers of a dump truck also work on a very strict schedule.   Loads are required to be picked up at a certain time and delivered on a certain time.   Make sure you are willing to meet the demand of the load schedule before taking on the job.

Paperwork is also a large part of the job so make sure you are able to complete administration duties as well.  The suggested skill set required for a dump truck operator are: being able to handle the necessary machinery and trucks effectively, being able to maneuver a trailer pulled behind a truck, the ability to be able to calculate the fuel cost, mileage, and completing the driver logs, along with understanding the vehicle maintenance.  Maintenance to any vehicle is a vital part of ensuring your investment is well taken care of and is kept at a condition that is expected of your clients as well.

When starting a new business of any kind there are risks and rewards.  To start a new business owning and operating a dump truck you must first obtain your commercial drivers license through the department of safety.  A commercial drivers license is also known as a CDL.  The CDL is required nationwide to operate a vehicle of this size.   It is always a good suggestion to complete a truck-driving course to get yourself ready for the CDL exam.    Once you have completed your course and your exam you are ready to start operating.

It is better to learn the industry from the pros.  Working for a local company driving and operating the dump truck is a way to learn from your mistakes, rather than opening a company on your own to quickly and making the mistakes on your time.  This gives you a chance to save money for your own dump truck and startup money for the business.  A used dump truck can be purchased for as little as $1,400.00 and as much as $79,000.00.  This price will depend on the age, engine size, and bed size.  To make sure that you are ready financially for the purchase of the truck a decent down payment and good credit help with obtaining a loan if needed.dump trucks

When purchasing a dump truck there are a few things to think about.  Make sure you choose a model with enough power and a large enough bed to be able to complete a variety of jobs.  It is always a good idea to have a used truck checked over by a mechanic to ensure there are no mechanical issues.  Used trucks may have mechanical issues sooner than a new truck, but buying a new dump truck will cost considerably more money.  Taking those things into consideration make sure you can afford the truck before you purchase it.

Starting in the negative with a business is never a good idea.  Also make sure that the truck has a clear title, is mechanically sound, and all the hydraulic systems are all in good working order.

After you have made a decision on the truck you are going to purchase it is time to get auto insurance on the truck.  Make sure and shop around.  The power of the internet is great for things like this. Once you have located an agency that you are happy with have the agent guide you in the appropriate amount of commercial insurance you will need, also make sure to include liability coverage.  It is important to make sure you have the correct insurance when starting a business.

Now it is time to start up your business.

First you want to build a client base.  You can use contacts that you have made when working with your previous company.  It is also important to connect with local construction companies, contractors, and truck companies.  Make sure to let them know you are now in business as a dump truck owner and operator.   You can also make fliers to mail and hand out offering specials and services for free for natural disaster recovery.   This allows you to build your reputation when doing the best job possible during those times.  Going out to the local landfills is helpful , as often times you may need to dump you load at a landfill.  Speaking with the landfill operator will help with understanding the fees to more efficiently bid on a job.  During some jobs you may only have to move resources from one location to another.

Learning to bid a job is very important.  Make sure to research what other local companies are charging for their services.  Different services cost different amounts so always keep that in mind.  Some jobs to ask about may be, moving construction materials to a site for new construction and another may be cleaning up after a demolish job.  Using these quotes will help you with your proposals and designing a pricing system.  It is often a good rule to try and undercut the competitors by 5% for some of your very first services.  A helpful tip is to always match your working schedule with your client’s needs.  If the job starts at 7:00 AM it is always a good idea to show up at 6:45 AM.  This adds to your reliability and helps build your reputation.   With some hard work and smart financial planning you should be on your way to building, you very OWN dump truck business in no time.