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Armored Cars Business

Armored cars provide efficient protection in high-risk situations. Armored cars are used in military, for transporting money and by civilian to protect themselves. In this article, I will not approach the armor cars for military business but I will focus more on the Armored car for transporting money business and the armored car building for civilians.

Armored cars are constructed to be functional, efficient and above all safe. Armor vans and trucks are constructed on a standard chassis but build to be completely bulletproof and withstand extreme degrees of heat. These cars are designed to resist to attempts of robbery and hijacking.

armored money trucksArmored vans and trucks are used in transporting valuables like large quantities of money from banks and retail stores, education facilities that raise money from fundraisings or cafeteria profits and also by the jewelry industry. Companies like Jared, Kay, Tiffany Co will transport valuable juries to their stores or to the person who ordered it.


quote1                           If you are thinking of getting in a business of armored car transportation,  besides the fact that you need the actual armored cars, you will need to keep in mind some essential things like the insurance policy you will need to have. When you take possession of valuable assets of other companies, you are taking on  a large amount of liability, so you need to make sure that your liability insurance policy has a high limit.

Also, you will need to buy weapons and protective gear for your drivers. You will need your employes to know how to use weapons and protect your shipment. Former military or law enforcement officers may be an ideal fit for this business.

Overall it is a profitable but dangerous business.

first armored car       The first armored car was built in 1915, and it was meant to function like the banking service armored cars today but also as a mobile bank branch.

The armored cars proved their utility during the war creating an increase in demand.

The first armored car for personal protection was introduced by Mercedes to protect Pope Prius XI

Armored cars became so popular that almost all vehicle manufacturer has started creating their own version.

These days any car can be made to be an armored car for civilian use. These cars have the standard window replaced with bullet proof glass and have an extra layer of armor plate inserted into the body panels.

Unlike the military armored cars that have armored plates mounted on the outside of the vehicle, the civilian armored cars don’t look any different from a standard vehicle.

To transform a conventional car in an armored car manufacturers invest an extra $100.000 and being a labor intensive process generally takes a few weeks.

By modifying a standard car to make it an armored car, they also increase the weight of the car with at least 500 to 2000 pounds. This means that the mechanical part of the armored car is subject to a higher force than normal wich will reduce the service life of the car.

armored BMWArmoring passenger cars is a big business. Some of the manufacturers have bulletproof versions of their products, but aftermarket companies modify most bulletproof vehicles.

The first step in enforcing a standard car is to remove all the components from the car’s body. Then the doors and the cavities are cut open, and various materials are stuffed or welded into those openings. The floor and ceiling are lined with ballistic fabrics. The windows are made from a sandwich of polycarbonate and leaded glass.

The tires used are composite run flat tires; wich are custom built for each car. If the pneumatic tire loses pressure, the polymer ring provides support that allows 60 mph speed for more than 60 miles.

All these modifications are not visible from outside.

The best market for the armored car is in Brasil with over 400 cars a month customized cars with armor, bulletproof glass and other security futures. This is due to the dramatic growth of crimes in Brasil. On the second place is Mexico with over 170 customized cars then comes Colombia with over 150 customized cars per month.

This market ones limited to top corporate executives and government officials is attracting a large number of upper-middle-class citizens because of the heavily mediatized crimes.

Also, the type of cars that are being armored changed over the year’s,  as more wealthy people switched from Mercedes and BMW  to tiny and cheaper cars to not attract attention over themselves.

Such a successful businesses can be finding U.S also. One of them is located at the border with Mexico, in San Antonio.

Texas Armor Corporation has his customers mostly from Mexico. From wealthy individuals wanted to protect themselves and their family from kidnapping for ransom to civilians that work on the border or travel across the border frequently.They will pay around $300.000 to make an average SUV battle ready.

Texas Armors Corporation has a revenue of over $10 million today.

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